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Our services

We offer an array of professional services, all for your safety and satisfaction.

These services include - 

  • Receiver Tank Test
  • Air Audits
  • Air Quality Test
  • Air Line Installation

 Receiver Tank Test


Ultrasonic test – we measures the thickness of the walls of the receiver tank to comply with legal requirements, ensuring the safe operation of your compressor.

As per tank specifications we inspect and update your safety valve and pressure gauges.

Full condition report – a detailed report based on your legal requirements so you can be sure of safe operation, and have an accurate idea of your receiver tanks condition.

Air Audits

Connect a flow meter to determine how much air usage is required by the factory and then determine the correct compressor for you.

Air quality test

Tests the quality of air for legal requirements, checks the quality of filters and ensures breathing air is at a safe standard.

Checks for

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oil
  • Water



Air Line Installation

We supply, install, or supply and install custom Air Line for your factory. 

With plastic, aluminium and stainless steel options available.