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BOGE Accessories

Compressed Air Refrigerant Dryers:

Compressed air is cooled to just above freezing point which means that water and oil aerosols contained in the air will condense. During this process the aerosols tend to bind up and also discharge the dirt particles. An amply sized heat exchanger ensures reliability even in temporary extreme conditions. Maximum efficiency and operational reliability can therefore be expected from the BOGE DR series.

Cyclone Seperator

The BOGE heavy-duty cyclone separators takes liquids, aerosols and solids from the compressed air. Based on the law of inertia they operate with practically no maintenance – ideally suited for compressed air systems without an air receiver when directly installed downstream of the compressor.


Pre-filters, Microfilter and Activated Carbon Filter

Compressed air treatment is achieved in several stages. Pre-filters are used to separate coarse impurities from the compressed air. Smaller solids and oil can be removed by means of microfilters. Active carbon filters are used to clean oil vapours, aromatics, flavourings and odours from the compressed air.

Activated Carbon Adsorber

If you require compressed air with a particularly low residual oil content of 0.003 mg/m³, the activated carbon adsorber is the right choice for your compressed-air treatment. It filters out even the finest oil vapours, which may already be present in the intake air, to meet the highest standards of compressed-air quality.

Condensate Drain

Condensate is a by-product of compressing air. The amount produced depends entirely on humidity, ambient temperatures and the volume of air generated. Condensate is produced in different quantities in different places within the compressed air network, i.e. when the temperature of the compressed air falls below the pressure dew point. Due to their absolute reliability BOGE condensate drains stand for safe and efficient condensate management.

Oil/Water Separator

Legislation demands that compressor condensate must be treated prior to discharge into a foul water network. In the case of a simple suspension oil can be separated from water by gravity, on site, by using a cost effective BOGE oil/water separator.