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Reciprocating Compressor

Absolutely clean compressed air quality for sensitive areas of application.

In sensitive areas of application such as dentistry, medicine and pharmacy, the demands on the compressed air supply are particularly high. In addition to reliability, the important thing is absolutely clean compressed air quality. This is exactly what SOLIDair stands for: oil-free compressing piston air compressors that work reliably, robustly, low-maintenance and quiet.

SOLIDair compressors have already proven themselves thousands of times - in dental practices, laboratories, medical technology, hospitals and wherever high-quality compressed air is important. The newly revised series enables price point options without degrading your air quality.

SOLIDdent BASIC with adsorption dryer and sound insulation

The soundproofed SOLIDdent BASIC with adsorption dryer ensures a quiet workplace. The sound pressure level is around 57 dB(A). You can therefore use the compressor directly at the workplace without any problems. The additionally installed adsorption dryer delivers absolutely dry compressed air.

Special features of all dental and laboratory compressors

  • Directly driven compressor technology - OIL-FREE - with a particularly low speed
  • Cylinder with "Nipolid" inner coating 
  • Piston bands made of high-quality Teflon
  • Compressed air tank corrosion-resistant thanks to internal coating
  • Maximum pressure: 8 bar
  • German quality pressure switch
  • Motor overload protection
  • Filter pressure reducer with quick disconnect coupling and pressure gauge
  • a large number of our compressors are equipped with particularly effective soundproofing
  • We offer selected compressors with a downstream single-tube adsorption dryer, whereby a pre-cooler with filter water separator ensures absolutely oil-free and dry compressed air
  • Manual condensate drain tap